How long have you been shooting? 

Marlene's Photographic journeys began 40 years ago, while Suzanne and Gary began their journeys in High School, and as a company we have been capturing Professional, Artful Photojournalism since 2003! 

What is your style? 

Our style of Photography definitely falls in the lines of Photojournalism and Documentary! While we do focus on multiple genres of the Art, our style is fluid no matter what we are capturing and we stay well versed on the latest trends for all of our specialties! 

Do you shoot Digital or Film? 

We shoot both actually! Our company began completely film based, but with the wave of the digital revolution and all of it's possibilities, we primarily focus on digital works these days, though we absolutely love the organic quality of film!

Do you shoot Black & Whites? 

Absolutely! We offer complimentary black and white conversions to all of our subjects for any style of Photography, all you have to do is ask! 

What equipment do you use?

Throughout our careers we have used so many different brands, but we're personally partial to Canon's pro equipment! 

How many Weddings do you shoot a year? 

That all depends on our clients! We took a little bit of time where we only shot 5 Weddings per year, but these days we put our focus on 20-30 Weddings per year which is a perfect number! With our emphasis on providing the ultimate experience for all of our couples, staying within this idea allows us to give our 100% attention to all details surrounding this most special time in our Couple’s lives!

Do you work with non-agency Models?

Currently yes we do! We absolutely LOVE working with all Models of various experience levels as they work towards their dreams and have found many unsigned Models that are Top Notch Professionals! Signed Models are a given, and Models in pursuit of a career and just beginning are also welcome. 

How do I Book my Event or Photo Session with Poshtography?

As soon as you connect with us we will either message you, or call you over the phone. Personal consultations are available for all of our detailed shoots, and deposits must be placed either on the day of our Personal Consultation or prior to using our easy and effective deposit system! Please ask Suzanne Simone for deposit details!

Deposits are Required Prior to discussing Full Session Details, how much is my Deposit?

For all Weddings and major events we require a non-refundable 50% of the final cost to secure your date. For all Headshots, Fashion, and most Portraiture we require a non-refundable $50. of the final cost to secure your session date! Please inquire for more details and specifics regarding payments! 

How Can I best place Payments?

Poshtography offers multiple ways to pay, these include; The Cash App, Venmo, PayPal, Cash, or Personal Check. Please ask Suzanne Simone for details!

Late Fees

Poshtography understands that sometimes life gets hectic and things happen, however our time is also really valuable too! For every Wedding Day your event is the only event scheduled for the day, but for all other Sessions Poshtography may schedule multiple Sessions during High Volume Seasons. Upon Selecting your Packages, Photographic Time on the Job is always estimated and provided.

To avoid Late Fees extending from 30 minutes late-2-3 hours late etc., it’s important to prepare everything you need for your session the evening before and/or the week of. Late fees must be paid in full prior to receiving Package Content. If you know for sure that you will not make it on time, please discuss with Suzanne Simone at 303.999.8894 and Late Fees can be addressed before or after your shoot.


Poshtography asks for all sessions that we receive advance notice (preferably, 72 hours-1 week via phone or text) in regards to rescheduling sessions. Once your deposit is placed we will honor rescheduling with that deposit within the upcoming 6 months. All deposits are non-refundable due to the High Volume of concentrated work we do, and every session date is a work day for us. 

Complimentary Online Proofing

Poshtography has complimentary online proofing available for ALL of our Subjects, the length of Proofing is detailed Package to Package! Typically proofing is available within 72 Hours of your event depending on the season.

Selecting images through our Proofing System is EASY! All you have to do is click on the heart to select your Favorites and notify us once your selections have been completed! The best way to reach us is to send us a quick text at 303.999.8894

Can I select more Images than are in my Chosen Package?

Absolutely! Any additional images that you desire will also come to you Fully Edited as a High Resolution Download and/or Print. Just ask Poshtography for Details regarding Solo and Bulk Pricing! All images must be paid in full prior to Editing and Delivery.

How Long do I have to Download My Images after Editing & Production?

Clients usually have a Complimentary 2 weeks to download Final Package Selections Fully Edited through our Proofing and Downloading Site.

Oh no, I accidentally let my complimentary proofing expire, what do I do?!

Haven’t finished making your image selections but you accidentally let your link expire? No problem, if you would like to continue selections on your own, a $50. fee will be required to re-activate your link or your Poshtography Professionals will be happy to fill in the blanks for you!

Oops, I forgot to Download my images when I received my Final Product Link. Once your Final Edit Link expires, Poshtography is not able to send images via E-mail or Dropbox due to File Size Restrictions, and a $50. re-uploading fee will be required to activate a new link.

How long is Image/Video Production & Turn Around Time?

Poshtography’s estimated Editing and Production Turn Around Time is usually approximately 2-8 weeks from the date that you submit your Order Selections to the Photographers. If you know prior to a specific date that you will need select images immediately, please tell Poshtography and we will be happy to make these images available to you as best as we can.

For Same Day Emergency Image needs, there’s a 50/50% chance that we will be able to provide these to you depending on our schedule, in which case we ask that you text us at 303.999.8894 right away so we can try to make it happen for you!

Production Time is determined by how extensive your order is and how many additional orders we may be working on at the same time. Because we’re a Professional Company we always want our subjects to have the highest quality in their overall work with brings out their best features while naturally adjusting and editing to create a polished final look!

What’s involved in Production, Retouching, & Edits?

Unless Same Day Photography is requested (typically for Weddings) she does not batch edit images, instead she uses her Professional Techniques in Photoshop and Lightroom, hand editing each selection to perfection! After many years, she’s got quite the detailed eye, and she doesn’t believe in batch processing for Poshtography.

Did you Know?

Production, Retouching, and Edits are where the real ‘Work’ begins for us. Suzanne Simone has been working with both Photoshop and Lightroom for years and is old school as she hand edits each individual image as opposed to batching them through one action. It’s her style and Professional Choice in providing this Top Quality to everyone. She values this Professionalism for continued success highly!

For each individual order she will invest anywhere from 10-100 hours off the Job in Professional Retouches and Editing depending on the order size and extent of the content.

Even when capturing Photography through the lens the right way it’s this finesse and precision that makes magic happen!

Do you give away RAW, un-edited Images?

Since 2003 it has not been our practice to give out any un-edited work. With the exponential rise of Social Media and Technology, we have to maintain consistency across the board in all platforms. Think of the un-edited proofs as your digital negatives. Even if we were to give Digital Negatives, there would be an additional charge for this option.

So what are you waiting for? Please call us at 303.999.8894 so that we can begin to make the magic happen!!!